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Creating Images Through Sound

Lindsey Hunt has been supporting local artists with her classical training & knack for intuitive violin & harmonies in the Treasure Valley for 10+ years. 2019 is the year to debut into the world Lindsey’s own sound of other-worldly & ethereal poetic indie-folk. I ask you to believe in me & the spirit my songs carry–their magic, their message, their love. In exchange, You have the chance to pre-order music, receive it before the official release & pick up limited edition items only offered here! Check out and support my IndieGoGo!

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About Lindsey

Lindsey Hunt, a Boise Native, has been supporting local artists with her classical training and knack for intuitive violin and harmonies in the Treasure Valley and the PNW region for over 10 years. 2019 is the year that Lindsey and her violin, Athena, will debut into the world with their own sound of other-worldly and ethereal poetic indie-folk. These eclectic vibrations will bring up images of haunting beauty as you lose yourself in the story behind the sound.

The process behind her writing is simply explained in the impetus which drives it: Lindsey says, “Music helps me solve my internal battles–the war within myself.”

Influenced by the eclectic musical style of Bjork and the more ancient Celtic sounds of artists such as Irish Singer-Songwriter, Enya, and Canadian Musician, Loreena McKennitt, listeners will be invited into a spiral of sound trancing them to a journey of magic, mystery, and maybe even a little mayhem.   

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We are reaching for our DREAM target of $25,000! With your backing, the album will be mixed and mastered to the highest professional quality and be launched with some beautiful supporting videos and live events. Any new pledges will make all the difference.Please support independent music!